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Single Phase Time-Varying Load

Asked by Conrad Sienkiewicz on 15 Jun 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Conrad Sienkiewicz on 22 Jun 2017
I have modelled household and electric vehicle load data, which now needs to be implemented into Simulink. This is a time-varying load (every minute). I am unsure of how to model this in Simulink. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Answer by Nagarjuna Manchineni on 21 Jun 2017

You can use the 'Three phase dynamic load' to handle the time varying load data. The following example can be a good starting point:
Also, this MATLAB Answers post talks more about this. Have a look at the following link:

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Thanks for the reply! I don't understand how you can input external data into it when there's no specific frequency. Not to mention the load isn't a waveform, but stochastic. Furthermore, my load changes at specific time steps, not continuously like a dynamic load. Am I missing something that allows me to still utilize this block for a single phase system?
I have already looked through that answer, as well as every other I could find with not too much help.

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