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Transfer model from system identification toolbox to simulink

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Mustafa Acar
Mustafa Acar on 16 Jun 2017
Commented: Mustafa Acar on 15 Jul 2017
Hi, I`m new here and need help in system identification toolbox and simulink. I already established an idmodel in system identification with 3 inputs(speed,coolwatertemperature,oiltemperature) and one output (temperature ECU) and get a fitting of 75%. After i take the model (transfer function) in sumulink via idmodel block i get a different output from the system even though i take the same measured data (Excel; column1: time, clomn2:speed, column3:coolwatertemperature, column4: oiltemperature) Can somebody tell me why please? Thank you.


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Vishal Neelagiri
Vishal Neelagiri on 22 Jun 2017
You might want to refer to the following MATLAB Answers post which describes a similar issue:

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