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tcpip simulink block as server?

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I have an app that sends/receives data over tcp with localhost, but only as a client. Thus, the following works:
raw_data= '1234567890qwertyuiop'; t=tcpip('', 9876, 'NetworkRole', 'server'); fopen(t); fwrite(t, raw_data); fclose(t);
However, the simulink blocks in the instrument control toolbox will not work to send/receive data, perhaps because they are not configured to act as server. Is there a way to modify these blocks to make this work? Thanks.


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Accepted Answer

Vishal Neelagiri
Vishal Neelagiri on 22 Jun 2017
The TCP/IP Send and TCP/IP Receive blocks operate only in TCP/IP client mode (they need to connect to a TCP/IP server) and perform operations equivalent to FWRITE and, respectively, FREAD in MATLAB. Theses blocks do not support TCP/IP server functionality.
As a possible workaround, you can use a MATLAB function block to achieve the communication. See the attached example models, and MATLAB scripts

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Nina Buchanan
Nina Buchanan on 22 Jun 2017
Thanks for the help!

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