How to communicate between multiple Arduino with I2C and Simulink

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Using "Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware", I want to create a system of Arduino communicating between them in I2C to shared information as shown in the following image. For example, I want an Arduino to monitor the time between two actions and to communicate it to another one which will read this time and make the appropriate countermeasure.
I understand how it work with an Arduino as a Master communicating with an I2C sensor as a slave. But how to make the communication possible between multiple Arduino? For that I have some sub-questions which try to solve the problem.
  • How to synchronise the Write command of an Arduino with the Read command of another one?
  • How to write inside an Arduino register an information and retrieve this data from the Arduino?
Thank you for your help!
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Sebastian on 22 Aug 2017
This is exactly my problem too. I need to let three arduino speak with each other. In my opinion it would be necessary to assign slave id's. But there isn't a possibility to do that. Pls help us!

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Mandeguz on 6 Oct 2017
An option (I have this problem too, and nobody's answered so far so I'm exploring this route) is to use Mux/Demux logic with your digital pins to use one Arduino to communicate to multiple devices. If you get anywhere, let me know.

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