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how to use a binary mask as a "stencil" for a grayscale image?

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Naim on 22 Jun 2017
Commented: Naim on 22 Jun 2017
Hey everyone,
I have a binary mask (first attached image) that I want to use to trace-out the image of a gray-scale picture (second attacked image) and create another image in that manner.
I tried the simple AND operation, but the newly created image is a binary, not grayscale. I want to use the mask to crop out the image, without changing anything else.
Thanks in advance for any tips!

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Jun 2017
Simply use the inverse of the mask to set those pixels to zero.
imageCopy = grayImage; % Make a copy so you don't destroy the original.
imageCopy(~mask) = 0; % Set black areas to black, leaving gray areas intact.

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