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Cropped off markers when exporting figures as PNG

I have run into an issue where seemingly randomly - though probably only at the periphery of graphs, circular markers are cropped off leaving arcs when exporting to PNG. I've attached one example of code and produced figure below - I have not tested if any of the messing with the defaults is critical in producing this - just set them how I generally like my figures. I'm using OpenGL, which I believe is part of the problem since I don't recall having these issues when working on a hardware accelerated system. Running (R2017a) on Win7 64-bit i7 system with Intel HD 530 graphics - attaching sysinfo png.
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%cropcircledemo.m set(0,'DefaultAxesFontsize',12); set(0,'DefaultLineLinewidth',2); set(0,'DefaultLineMarkersize',10);
x=[0.1009 0.1011 0.1020 0.1613 0.2339 0.3051 0.3654 0.4284 0.4901 0.5798 0.6720 0.7530 0.8240 0.1007]; y=[14.6900 14.8100 15.0500 15.2800 15.5200 15.7400 15.9300 16.1400 16.3300 16.6100 16.9100 17.1700 17.4000 14.6900];
figure(10); clf; plot(x,y,'o');
print cropcircledemo.png -dpng -r600


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1 Answer

回答者: Michael Dombrowski 2017 年 6 月 29 日

Your issue can be resolved by changing either the resolution (DPI) or the renderer.
Try the following code:
% do not use opengl
print cropcircledemo.png -dpng -r600 -painters
% use any other dpi
print cropcircledemo.png -dpng -r700

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Jonas Gustavsson 2017 年 6 月 29 日
Thanks Michael! I would call these work-arounds, but I'll still accept the answer - hopefully later Matlab versions will improve the handling of this - don't believe it used to behave like this.

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