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Is a Matlab license limited to a user or a platform?

Asked by Michael Mayercik on 13 Jul 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 13 Jul 2017
If I buy a standalone Matlab license with a set of toolboxes, is that license now limited to a certain machine or just a specific user? We do a lot of multiplatform work and I would like to know that I can verify the embedded implementations on each of the platforms we support.


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1 Answer

Answer by Eric
on 13 Jul 2017

You can set the license up as designated user and tie it to a username. In that case you can install the software on up to four machines.
Or you can set the license up as designated computer. In that case you tie the license to one computer but anybody who can log in to that computer can use. it.

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Note: the "up to four machines" applies to the Professional / Commercial licenses purchased as Standalone Named User. The rules are different for each of the different major varieties of licenses.
Note: in practice for all recent MATLAB versions, the determination of which host is which is by MAC address. So, for example, if you dual-boot on the same host, that only uses up 1 of the 4. (On the other hand, you need to be careful on Linux hosts as to which MAC address is being looked at. There has also been difficulty with Apple Mac systems with dual thunderbolt displays.)

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