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How to keep a certain axes unchanged

Asked by Abdurrehman on 16 Jul 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 16 Jul 2017
I am using following statement to clear all axes in gui at once.
arrayfun (@cla,findall (0,'type','axes'));
The statement works well and clears all axes. But out of all axes I need to keep one axes not to be cleared as it displays logo. How to modify above statement so that said axes shouldn't be cleared.


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3 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 16 Jul 2017
 Accepted Answer

setdiff the results of the findall and the handles you want to keep.


Hi, thanks for the answer setdiff returns "1x0 empty Axes array" because the respective axes is also the part of findall. Can you please give an example to solve this issue, thanks again
>> a(1) = subplot(2,2,1); a(2) = subplot(2,2,2); a(3) = subplot(2,2,3); a(4) = subplot(2,2,4);
>> setdiff(findall (0,'type','axes'),a(2))
ans =
3×1 Axes array:
Perhaps you reversed the order of the parameters for setdiff() ?

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 16 Jul 2017

Since you probably have only a handful of known axes, just call cla on them separately. I mean, why complicate things???
% Clear axes 1, 2, 4, and 5, but not 3


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Answer by Abdurrehman on 16 Jul 2017

I have multiple axes can't write many statements. Instead want to manage in 1 or 2 statement (s)

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If you have too many axes, either your desktop is cluttered with dozens upon dozens of windows, or if they are all on a single figure, the axes will be very tiny. Hopefully you actually only have like 9 or fewer and can use my suggestion because it's easy to understand. And hopefully one day you will be able to write long programs with many statements. If you do use Walter's solution using setdiff() and arrayfun(), be sure to document your code well to make it maintainable, because I think that method is less obvious to someone who comes along trying to follow your code, especially without comments and explanation. Sure it's compact but that comes at a price of not being obvious what it does. I mean if you were inheriting someone's code, which would you prefer to inherit and maintain?

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