What's 'simplify' function??

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JaeSung Choi
JaeSung Choi on 19 Jul 2017
Answered: Rajani Metri on 12 Apr 2020
How does 'simplify(E)' works? Does it eliminate some terms? or just simplify?( ex) 1+1->2) And if it eliminates something, what's the standard?? help me! (help simplify confused me even more.)
John BG
John BG on 20 Jul 2017
1+1 is not a simplification, but an operation.
the term 'simplification' refers to algebraic simplification meaning the regrouping of same polynomial terms under single terms.
John BG

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Answers (1)

Rajani Metri
Rajani Metri on 12 Apr 2020
It's used for Simplification of Mathematical expressions may be invovling with symbolic representations or expressions or Algebraic simplifications.
Simplification of expressions, Matrices, Logarithms or exponentials and algebraic simpler steps and Calculating the results from the expressions if values are available.
The simplification may be of type- Fraction, Numerator-Denominator form, Combining, Expanding, Factoring, Collecting, Rewriting, and partial fractions etc kind. If one wants to use particular form of simplifications then these mentioned commands can be used, refere MATLAB help -> Functions to Rearrange Expressions.
Hope this will help. Thank You.

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