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How to implement partial band noise jamming in matlab?

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Mubasher on 10 Apr 2012
Answered: Mahsa Hassankashi on 25 Aug 2021
I am intended to implement communications schemes in the presence of jammming. So how can i implement jaming in matlab?
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i am doing a project in simulation and evaluation of different digtal modulation shemes in the presence of jamming. so i need to know how can i implement partial band noise jamming in awgn channel.

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Mahsa Hassankashi
Mahsa Hassankashi on 25 Aug 2021
I think it is too late, but I hope it helps someone who refer to this question later.
As you use Bit Error Analysis Tool.
You need the proper coefficient for Eb/No which is defined as the normalized signal-to-noise ratio. For an instance, there are solutions for QASK, QPSK Modulations as follows:
I found the answer from the below article:
Coherent Detection of Frequency-Hopped Quadrature Modulations in the Presence of Jamming-Part I: QPSK and QASK Modulations, the authors are MARVIN K. SIMON, FELLOW, IEEE, AND ANDREAS POLYDOROS , and article is from IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, VOL. COM-29, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 1981.


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