Why there is no bias and coefficient trainable parameters in the Max- and Average-Pooling Layers?

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For many Network, there are 2 trainable parameters in Polling Layers: Bias and Coefficient
Why the Matlab Layer doesn't support it? Are those 2 parameters not very useful for the final performance?

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Sailesh Sidhwani
Sailesh Sidhwani on 28 Jul 2017
Hi Lingjun,
Based on the MATLAB documentation, max-pooling and average-pooling layers does not perform any learning and are only used for down-sampling the data. Refer to the the section "More About" in the following documentation pages:
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LINGJUN KONG on 29 Jul 2017
Is that because of that, the parameters are not very useful for the downsampling layer? I've seen that there are 2 trainable parameters in the LeNet-5

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