Install add-on using command line with no GUI

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I have a question concerning the installations of add-ons, in this case AlexNet for the Neural Network Toolbox. I'm running my neural network code on a Linux system without GUI. How do install an add-on without a GUI?
Every Matlab document like here and here refers to the GUI menu which I can't access on my system.
Matlab Version: (R2017a), Neural Network Toolbox, Version 10.0 (R2017a).
I hope this is possible.

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Serge Lamberty
Serge Lamberty on 7 Nov 2019
I just had the same problem, I found the following work-around, not too pretty but it works for now:
  • I installed the support packages on another pc.
  • I found the packages under /usr/local/MATLAB/R2019b/toolbox/nnet/supportpackages
  • I copied the whole folder "supportpackages" to the same location on the server where its supposed to run
  • On the server, add the "supportpackages"-folder (and subfolders) to the path
  • Done. Training running right now.
Serge Lamberty
Serge Lamberty on 22 Oct 2020
This does not sound like you are on a Linux system? /usr/local should always exist.

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Sindhu Yerragunta
Sindhu Yerragunta on 10 Aug 2017
Edited: Sindhu Yerragunta on 10 Aug 2017
Hi Jan,
Installing MATLAB and/or a new toolbox onto an existing MATLAB installation without a graphical user interface or X server follows the same process as installing MATLAB with the same conditions. You will need to utilize the silent installer to complete the installation. Please refer to the link for in depth instructions:
Hope this helps.
Mário Moraes
Mário Moraes on 11 Aug 2017
Edited: Mário Moraes on 12 Aug 2017
Please! I have the same issue. If you find the solution tell me

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Yujin Hu
Yujin Hu on 28 Nov 2017
Hi, did you guys fix it yet? I'm using Arch Linux with MATLAB 2017b, and I could not install the googlenet add-on by double click it, either. I just wonder if I could install it by command line or via matlab function. I know there is a function `matlab.addons.toolbox.installToolbox` to install toolbox, but it's not available for add-on.
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Jan Jaap van Assen
Jan Jaap van Assen on 28 Nov 2017
In my case, using the AlexNet add-on, I ended up installing it on a system that did have a GUI and then just exported the data as a regular *.mat file which was enough for me. Never received a proper solution from Mathworks.

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Yujin Hu
Yujin Hu on 30 Nov 2017
I have not figure out any solution to this yet. But one might download add-on with a GUI (Windows, Linux, MacOS), and get the url of the pretrained model file in the downloaded file. It's in one of the xml file. And then one could just download the .mat file, and load it.
I'm wondering maybe the url is something like, one might replace the filename and download other models.

Sumitabha Banerjee
Sumitabha Banerjee on 24 Dec 2017
Just go to Mathworks Community File Exchange. Type in alexnet in the searchbox and download the file from there.

Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson on 10 Sep 2019
We also have this issue (specifically to set up a tool to run on CodeOcean), and still, as of September 2019, I have not been able to find a reasonable solution beyond the workaround proposed above of exporting the data as a .mat file.
Is there any way to install these support packages without a GUI and directly through a script/command line?


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