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How to convert a string into a variable?

Asked by osminbas on 12 Apr 2012
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I have a variable (vector) defined at the beginning of my code, say A1. Then I define string:
Now Name='A1'. How can I convert it into a variable? It might not make sense to define a string with a variable and try to convert it to the variable itself but it will be helpful in my code. Thank you!

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Answer by Thomas
on 12 Apr 2012
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doc genvarname
'eval' can do it however...
'EVAL' is very dangerous to use and is very hard to debug..
Here are some techniques given by Walter in reply 2 that explain what you can do, and what you should not do..

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This creates a valid name, but not a variable itself.

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Answer by Jan
on 12 Apr 2012

The eval command can do this:
A1 = 23;
Name = 'A1';
But this is inefficient and prone to bugs, which are extremly hard to find. Therefore it is strongly recommended to avoid such dynamic variable access, see: FAQ: How to create variables A1, A2, ... in a loop.
You find a bunch of posts related to the avoidance of eval in this forum. There is always a better solution.


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I second the comments from the other developers: there's always a way to avoid creating variable names dynamically. 'eval' is the command that allows you to do it, but maybe containers.Map could be a better solution:;jsessionid=3832da8c651c2187ef12c4505fcb
Anyway, I've had issues with genvarname dealing with special characters in the past. This is more robust:
varName = matlab.lang.makeValidName('123your.string(1)')
PS: this will only modify your string so that it becomes a valid variable name, if it isn't already.


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