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Why I can't generate c++ code only using simulink coder?

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dm b
dm b on 22 Aug 2017
Edited: Kurt Stewart on 26 Mar 2019
When I try to generate code using simulink coder I see the following error:
The specified code generation target is configured to generate C++, but the C-only compiler, LCC, is the default compiler. To allow code generation, you can select any C++ compiler from the Toolchain pulldown as well as selecting the 'Generate code only' option. To generate C code, open the Configuration Parameters dialog and set the target language to C. Or, to specify a C++ compiler, enter 'mex -setup' at the command prompt. For details on supported C++ compiler versions, see
I want just generate C++ code only, do not use any compilers. I have activated this option. I think the reason of this error is "generate makefile" option, that is enabled. But it is read only and I can't deactivate it. How can I generate C++ code without using any compilers?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Aug 2017
You cannot do that. If I recall correctly, one of the intermediate steps in code generation involves generating a program and running it.
Tuncay  ÖLÇER
Tuncay ÖLÇER on 11 Jul 2018
I have also got exactly the same answer. Is there any possible solution to this problem? Thank you.

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Kurt Stewart
Kurt Stewart on 26 Mar 2019
Edited: Kurt Stewart on 26 Mar 2019
Probably because it is trying to create an executable out of the code and you can only do that using a compiler. Just add one it isnt not hard you can do so through Matlab add-ons or gcc, g++ compilers are standard free software

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