transfer from fix array to another array

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HASAN AL-KAF on 28 Aug 2017
Edited: KL on 28 Aug 2017
Hi I have this code below.I Want to store what will come in w((1),:) in another array called M((N),:) for 113 iteration. For example, in iteration one in w((1),:) store in M((1),:) , w((1),:) store in M((2),:) and w((1),:) store in M((3),:) and so on until reach to N Which is 113 N=113 for i = 1:N for j= 1: N E(j) = y((j),:)-w((1),:)*x(: , (j)) ; w((1),:)=w((1),:)+E(j)*0.01*z((j),:) ; end end

Accepted Answer

KL on 28 Aug 2017
M = repmat(w(1,:),N,1);
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KL on 28 Aug 2017
As Stephen says it's not clear what do you need. what do you mean by "array 1" and "array 2" of the matrix M? I suppose you refer to the rows of matrix M but anyway the result is the same just without any iterations. If you really want to have a loop
for rowNo = 1:N
M(rowNo,:) = w(1,:);

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