Parallel not available in Classification Leaner

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On my desktop (Windows 10, Intel Xeon e3-1230v5) the parallel button is absent in Classification Learner (GUI: Training section, between Advanced and Train), whereas it is present on my laptop (Fedora 26, Intel i5-4210U). I can activate my local cluster, however there appears to be no way to run Learner multi-threaded.
Matlab 2016a, Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox 10.2, Parallel Computing Toolbox 6.8 installed. (Academic license, so I have access to everything.)
Is there any configuration I need to do to allow this in Windows 10 (or UEFI, etc)? In all of the Linux installations I have done the button is always present.
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Sailesh Sidhwani
Sailesh Sidhwani on 1 Sep 2017
Hi Matthew,
Can you share your output of "ver -support" of the system that you are facing issue on. If you are not comfortable sharing the license number, you can black out the license numbers.
Additionally, the following command should return "1" if your Parallel Computing Toolbox license is being checkout correctly:

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Sailesh Sidhwani
Sailesh Sidhwani on 1 Sep 2017
Hi Matthew,
Please ignore my above comment. Following Release notes page point that "Use Parallel" option was only introduce in MATLAB R2016b. So you not seeing that option in MATLAB R2016a makes sense. You seeing that option on your Linux machines could mean that you are using later releases of MATLAB on those machines.

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