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Why cannot Data Acquisition Toolbox detect my NI DAQ devices connected through a cDAQ network chassis (such as cDAQ-9184 Ethernet)?

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I have the following NI devices connected to a cDAQ-9184 chassis: NI 9213, 9205, 9477
I have a compatible version of the NI-DAQmx driver installed and the chassis is visible with NI MAX.
All devices are listed as supported on the supported hardware webpage. However, the devices are not visible within MATLAB.
>> d = daq.getDevices
d =
No data acquisition devices available.
Click here for a list of known vendors.
Click here for troubleshooting tips.
Why cannot MATLAB daq.getDevices command detect the devices?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 26 Apr 2019
In order for Data Acquisition Toolbox to detect NI DAQ modules plugged into a NI cDAQ network chassis (Ethernet or WiFi), the network chassis and associated devices should be configured for use in the vendor utility software (NI MAX).
The chassis should be "Reserved", and the chassis with associated modules should have assigned individual device names listed in NI MAX. Please see attached an example screenshot of NI MAX, which shows a cDAQ-9188 chassis with one NI 9219 device having an assigned name of “netDeviceMod1”. In addition, the "Test Panels" feature in NI MAX can be used to verify device functionality.
To add and reserve a chassis in NI MAX, if a network chassis (such as cDAQ-9184) is listed under “Network Devices”, right-click on it and select “Add device” from the contextual pop-up menu (or select it and click “Add Device” form the toolbar).
For troubleshooting info on different network connection scenarios for NI cDAQ network devices, refer to section on "Network DAQ Devices" in "MAX Help for NI-DAQmx" installed with NI-MAX.
Tip: Due to network issues (such as network cable disconnected and reconnected) the chassis might show up in a disconnected state in NI MAX. Deleting the device in NI MAX, and adding/reserving it again might solve a network device connection issue.

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