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Is there any way to work with the Motorola Moto Mods Development Kit (MDK) using MATLAB?

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Kres Nielsen
Kres Nielsen on 3 Sep 2017
Commented: Kres Nielsen on 8 Sep 2017
I am building a custom sensor using the MDK for the Motorola Moto Z smartphones. See the MDK here: I would like to avoid programming my own Android app. Is there any way to work with this system using MATLAB? Perhaps using SIMULINK or MATLAB Mobile? The MDK has an adapter that can make it compatible with Raspberry Pi HAT boards.


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Amit Doshi
Amit Doshi on 7 Sep 2017
Hello Kres,
Unfortunately, there is nothing specific related to MDK in MATLAB. You can use the Android support package to acquire data on an Android device:
Also, the following links might be helpful:

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Kres Nielsen
Kres Nielsen on 8 Sep 2017
Thank you Amit. Aside from the five kinds of sensor used with the Android Support Package (Acceleration, Angular Velocity, Orientation, Magnetic Field, Position), is there any other way to access data from other sensors on the android device? For example the camera or the microphone channel?

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