How do I pull data from an SQLite daatbase into Matlab workspace

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Hi I have somehow managed to put together some python code to retrieve data in an SQL lite database, I know which to pull that same data from the SQLite data base into the Matlab workspace. Do I merely connect to the database using 'conn' and then use 'fetch'? Is there another means by which I can pull the data into a cell array structure?

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 5 Sep 2017
The simple way is using sqlite and fetch.
conn = sqlite('sqlite_db.db');
sqlquery = 'SELECT * FROM someTable';
extracted_data = fetch(conn, sqlquery);
For detail, please see this link and this link.
Christian Hager
Christian Hager on 25 Feb 2021
Edited: Christian Hager on 25 Feb 2021
It seems your database is in a different location than your Matlab active directory. Below how I use it to get all table names and column names for each table.
%%%%% CONNECT %%%%%%%%%
dbfile = fullfile(path,'fj.sqlite');
conn = sqlite(dbfile);
%%%%% TABLES & COLUMNS %%%%%
query = 'SELECT * FROM sqlite_master WHERE type = "table"';
TableSet = fetch(conn,query);
DBA_Tables = TableSet(:,2:3); % col 2 and 3 both have table names
for i = 1:size(DBA_Tables,1)
query = ['SELECT sql FROM sqlite_master WHERE tbl_name = ','''',DBA_Tables{i,1},'''',' AND type = "table"'];
cols = fetch(conn,Query);
cols = regexp(cols,'(?<=")\w+(?=")','match');
DBA_Tables{i,2} = unique(cols{1})'; % replace table name cell with column names for each table

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