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help browser does not show figure

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My help browser does not show figures ? Any suggestion?


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Kris Fedorenko
Kris Fedorenko on 8 Sep 2017
Hi Hiroyuki!
It is possible the issue is caused by the html renderer used by MATLAB to view the Help browser. You can use the following commands to try changing the Help browser renderer (available options depend on your system):
webutils.htmlrenderer('mozilla'); % Only on MAC or 32-bit Windows
webutils.htmlrenderer('ie'); % Only on 64-bit Windows
webutils.htmlrenderer('safari'); % Only on MAC
To restore to MATLAB's default renderer, use:
You can also always access the documentation on the web:
Hope this helps!


Hiroyuki Oya
Hiroyuki Oya on 24 Sep 2017
This worked perfectly. Thank you very much !
Kris Fedorenko
Kris Fedorenko on 27 Sep 2017
I am glad I was able to help!

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