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How to optimize a very large CO2 piping distribution network in matlab using optimization function in matlab?

Asked by SUDHANSHU RAJ SINGH on 8 Sep 2017
Latest activity Answered by Eng. Fredius Magige on 24 Aug 2019 at 11:46
I have to optimize a large CO2 piping distribution network. CO2 is coming from a header and getting distributed into sub headers which supply CO2 to desired delivery points. There are no loops. I can optimize header pressure, header diameter, subheader diameters, delivery piping diameters to reduce overall costs. Diameters can only be from the standard table, meaning discrete values. I can also choose to have pressure reducing valves installed any where. How can i approach this problem? Which method is more appropriate?

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Answer by Eng. Fredius Magige on 24 Aug 2019 at 11:46

Hi Why not use GA tool; if your network is branches; it is a simple problem as longer as you have proposed minimum residual heads requirements. Topology might be constraints too. Now day, whatever discrete diameter you have, still the optimal desired diameter can be found. Either, the easier, is put out your data. Thanks


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