How can I plot 3D polar plot in MATLAB

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I have three values, azimuth, elevation and corresponding data points. is it possible to plot 3D polar plot using this three values. and 1 want to show the third value in colour. I am looking forward to hear your suggestions. A sample data is attaching herewith
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Star Strider
Star Strider on 12 Sep 2017
There may be File Exchange contributions for 3D polar plots. It is possible to use the sph2cart function to plot your data in 3D, however in Cartesian coordinates, so losing the angle data in the plot.
A 2D polar plot with the values in scaled colour is not difficult to code using the polarscatter function (in R2016b and later):
D = load('data.txt');
Az = D(:,1);
El = D(:,2);
Rd = D(:,3);
cn = ceil(max(El)); % Number Of Colors
cm = colormap(jet(cn));
polarscatter(Az*pi/180, Rd, [], cm(fix(El),:), 'filled')
grid on
Tbis colours the points by the value of ‘El’. Here, since the maximum ‘El’ value defines 21 colours, no scaling of it is needed. In other situations (very high or very low maximum values), scaling would be necessary to get adequate colour definition.
Freddy Ngankam
Freddy Ngankam on 29 Apr 2020
please i have a 48x18 Matrix. the first columb ist the azimuth, the second ist the elongation and the rest of the columbs are my data. i want to plot each datacolum a 3d-plot but i am trying it since two week without succes
can you helpme please ( i am knew in matlab)
thank you

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Juan Esteban Villegas
Juan Esteban Villegas on 26 May 2021
Hey I made this function to plot a scatter 3d plot, it is rather raw but it does the job maybe you can modify it to make it better.

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