How concatenate several signals

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So on 19 Sep 2017
Commented: LO on 14 Feb 2019
Hello, I am currently trying to concatenate 2 signals (or more). My first signal is a chirp I am generating with the chirp function. I would like my signal to be a succession of a chirp, then a silence. Or, I would like to repeat my chirp several time.
fs = 200e6
t1 = 1e-3;
x = chirp(t,f0,t1,f1);
title(['Chirp Signal']);
Can someone explain me how to do that ? If I do x = [x ; x ], I can only see one chirp, and not a sine which frequency is increasing, then decreasing, then increasing again. Thank you

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Christoph F.
Christoph F. on 19 Sep 2017
> If I do x = [x ; x ],
x is a row vector. To concatenate row vectors, use
x=[x x]
[x; x] creates a 2-by-lenght(x) matrix instead.

So on 19 Sep 2017
I don't know why but it does not work with the chirp function. For example, I have a chirp for t=0:1/fs:1e-3 When I plot the chirp on t=0:1/fs:3e-3, the chirp is continuing the until the end of 3e-3, even if I have create it from t=0:1/fs:1e-3.
From this, I can't concatenate 2 chirp because the first chirp will always continues until the end of xaxis.
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LO on 14 Feb 2019
Did you manage to solve the issue, Sonarine ?

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