Texture feature extraction from roi image

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i need to extract this following 22 features with the 4angels 0%,45%,90%,135% output: 88 extracted features corresponding to that angels. Features % Autocorrelation: % Cluster Prominence: % Cluster Shade: % Contrast: % Correlation: % Difference entropy % Difference variance % Dissimilarity: % Energy: % Entropy: % Homogeneity: (Inverse Difference Moment) % Information measure of correlation1 % Informaiton measure of correlation2 % Inverse difference (Homogeneity in matlab): % Maximum probability: % Sum average % Sum entropy % Sum of sqaures: Variance % Variance % Sum variance % Normailzed inverse difference % Normailzed inverse difference movement i have used glcm---> graycoprops using this im only get 4features (contrast,correlation,homogeneity,energy) i need to extract balance features any suggestions pls... i have attached the roi image

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