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How to train features that have been extracted by using GoogleNet?

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sahar alhaddad
sahar alhaddad on 27 Sep 2017
I extracted features by using GoogleNet, but I do not know how to train it to create classifier?
Thanks in advance


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Jatin Waghela
Jatin Waghela on 3 Oct 2017
If I understood you correctly, you would like to transfer learning to retrain GoogLeNet to create a classifier.
Please refer to the below documentation link which gives more information on Pretrained GoogLeNet convolutional neural network:


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rcjr15 on 13 Nov 2017
I am getting error while using the above command. Can someone help me with this? @Jatin Waghela
Sivaramakrishnan Rajaraman
Has anyone tried to extract features from layers other than pool5-drop_7*7_s1? If so what is the syntax?
umit kacar
umit kacar on 7 Mar 2018

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michael scheinfeild
michael scheinfeild on 22 Jul 2018
use some layer as the feature . then you can use it for other classifier
net = googlenet;
inputSize = net.Layers(1).InputSize;
imds = imageDatastore(dbpathSave)
augimdsTrain = augmentedImageDatastore(inputSize(1:2),imds );
%%Extract Image Features
layer = 'loss3-classifier';%1000
featuresTrain = activations(net,augimdsTrain,layer,'OutputAs','rows');


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