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Simulink: too many input arguments

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Hi community, I'm trying to simulate in Simulink a flocking model. I want to realize the motion for a flock of sheep. I started to consider only 2 sheep and each simulink block represents a sheep. In input to each block, I send some parameters and thanks to a MUX block, I send all to an Interpreted MATLAB Function block that it compute some results. I declared all parameters in the function used in the Interpreted MATLAB Function block (inputs included).
If I start to simulate, I get the message in the figure and I don't know the reason.
It seems that there are too many inputs? Why? In the past, I realized some more complex programs, without this kind of problem.
This is the Simulunk environment:
Thanks to all :)
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Omur Bas
Omur Bas on 2 Oct 2017
We can probably help you better if you can post the function definition for your MATLAB function.

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Yogananda Jeppu
Yogananda Jeppu on 1 Oct 2017
Check the number of inputs to the mux block. Check their dimensions. If the inputs to the block are three from one port you may have this issue. I am guessing. You can also use a Matlab function and pass individual data. You have more flexibility there.

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