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Visualising the features in a convolutional neural network

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Sivaramakrishnan Rajaraman
Commented: Arun A M on 5 Sep 2020
I’ve been using the matlab example for visualisation of features of a CNN model and visualized the convolutional network layers of all the sequential DL models. With the R2017b release we have the DAG network googLeNet as well. I’m not able to use the available code for sequential models to visualize the features in the googLeNet DAG model. Do we have a way of doing this? Can matlab give me an example for this visualisation?

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Javier Pinzón
Javier Pinzón on 16 Nov 2017
Edited: Javier Pinzón on 16 Nov 2017
Hello All
Activations can be see in a DAGNetwork, only the way of write it variesfor the DAG, You need to select the Layer which want to get the activations, and then follow the next lines:
[height1, width1, ~] = size(im);
if isa(net,'DAGNetwork') == 1
featureMap = activations(net, im, 'Relu_conv1');
% The feature map is stored in the first channel
Map1 = featureMap(:, :, 1);
Map1 = imresize(Map1, [height1, width1]);
repmat(Map1*255,[1 1 3])), 'Size', [1 2]);
the activation feature map is in the position 1 of the matrix, and you can do that with any of the layers.
Hope it helps and is what you wanted. If any question, you may ask me.
Salma Hassan
Salma Hassan on 11 Aug 2018
i confused with this problem when i visualize the feature by the code in this link i get features for alexnet architecture , but I expected features for my dataset which is completely different than alexnet

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keke zhang
keke zhang on 4 Nov 2017
Hi Sivaramakrishnan Rajaraman: I also meet the problem, are you solve it now?
Arun A M
Arun A M on 5 Sep 2020

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