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graph regression - is that possible?

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Simone Di Plinio
Simone Di Plinio on 6 Oct 2017
  • 30 individuals;
  • Each individual has an associated graph;
  • Individuals graphs represent the connections between brain regions: nodes are brain regions, while edges are the strength of the connection;
  • Each individual has an associated scale (accuracy during a task). So they can be ordered from the worst to the best in that scale.
I want to build a model starting from individual graphs. The model should generate the graph expected, given an accuracy score. So, it sounds like a "graph regression".
I am aware that this is not simple, so not only straight answers but also suggestions on how to approach the problem are appreciated.
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Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 6 Oct 2017
This sounds interesting, but I'm afraid I'm lacking a lot of context. Is the goal to compute a statistically representative individual graph, based on the 30 graphs in your data? Do the 30 graphs all have the same nodes and edges, with different edge weights?

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