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Error creating folder 'C:\Window​s\System32​\slprj\ert​\androidGe​ttingStart​edExample\​tmwinterna​l' : ?????

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dasong tang
dasong tang on 12 Oct 2017
Commented: Mahdi Mah on 25 Jul 2021
how to fix it ? what is mean help please

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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 12 Oct 2017
Hello Dasong,
When you try to deploy the example model to your Android device, it will create a couple of folders in the current directory to hold the build files. If your current directory is System32, then you are likely getting a permissions denied error because you need administrator permissions to write to that directory.
I would highly recommend changing to a different directory (like your Desktop or Documents\MATLAB) before trying again. I would not recommend giving MATLAB admin privileges and allowing it to write to the System32 directory.
Also, check out the rules MATLAB follows on where it starts on Windows systems, and consider modifying the startup directory.

Mahdi Mah
Mahdi Mah on 20 Jul 2021
hello,excuse me
my matlab is 2020a
show me errors:
MATLAB System block 'ddd/ Iterator 1/Serial Receive' error occurred when invoking 'getSampleTime' method of 'codertarget.arduinobase.internal.arduino_SerialRead'. The error was thrown from '
'C:\Program Files\Polyspace\R2020a\toolbox\matlab\system\+matlab\+system\SampleTimeSpecification.p' at line 0
Caused by:
The value of 'SampleTime' is invalid. Expected input to be positive
Does anyone know what I should do?

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