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Heerlein Fabian
Heerlein Fabian on 13 Oct 2017
Answered: Ashish Azad on 24 Jun 2020
I created a subsystem "Contact" (see Figure 1). With the maskeditor I would like to be able to enter my subsystem variables.
The Subsytem contact contains a self-defined Simulinkblock with a ssc.-file (Fig. 2). In this ssc file are the variables and parameters which I would like in my Subsytem contact, in the mask representation. (Picture 3)
I have to solve the problem with get_parm, unfortunately there are only error messages or question marks.
How to access variables from other subsystems? For example. the values of display when the simulation is complete and no longer running?

Answers (1)

Ashish Azad
Ashish Azad on 24 Jun 2020
The path you are using in string should be in string format:
e.g: get_param("KontactSimulation/Kontact/test")

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