Data Acquisition board supported by simulink real time desktop?

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snalluri on 13 Oct 2017
Answered: dgmcik on 23 Oct 2017
I'm looking for a data acquisition board that works with Simulink Real Time Desktop. This is for a project where I need to do HIL simulation and send/collect the information using Analog ports.
When I tried to look for hardware supported by Simulink I see a lot of boards are supported - But, other documentation from Mathwork says the boards are not recommended: for example, says " Analog Input block for PCI-6289 and PXI-6289 boards (not recommended)". This is the case with most of the boards listed in the hardware support.
Why are the boards not recommended?
If these are not recommended, what other options do I have?
Any help is appreciated.

Answers (2)

Prashant Arora
Prashant Arora on 16 Oct 2017
Hi Sid,
The documentation links you referred belong to two different products i.e. Simulink Desktop Real Time and Simulink Real Time. We do not recommend using the "Analog Input blocks for boardName" for Simulink Real Time (previously known as XPC). For Simulink Desktop Real Time, you should be able to use the following block:
Use the Install New Board button to install the supported board from the list.
Hope this helps!

dgmcik on 23 Oct 2017
Hi Sid,
The boards below might be suitable for your project:
I am currently using the first one and I am quite satisfied with its performance.

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