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Can't run findpeaks on Matab R2017b on Linux

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ervinshiznit on 15 Oct 2017
Commented: Michael Jablecki on 18 Dec 2019
I was previously able to run the findpeaks function on my Linux computer using Matlab R2017a. I upgraded to Matlab R2017b, but can no longer run the function, as I get this error message instead:
Can't load '/usr/local/MATLAB/R2017b/bin/glnxa64/':
version `NSSUTIL_3.12.5' not found (required by
How can I fix this problem?

Accepted Answer

Erich on 27 Oct 2017
I just ran across this as well and found a workaround. I also submitted a support request so hopefully it will be fixed in the next version of MATLAB.
I believe that the problem is MATLAB includes an incompatible version of the library with xulrunner (i.e., the builtin web viewer). If you first load MATLAB's web viewer before calling findpeaks, then the incompatible is already in memory and you see the above error. If you start a new MATLAB session and first call findpeaks before calling web, then findpeaks will run successfully. I added the following code to my startup.m so I don't have to remember to do this manually:
% Load system library before xulrunner version is loaded
tmp = findpeaks([1 2 3]);
clear tmp
catch ME
fprintf('Error caught:\n%s\n', ME.message);
Try it yourself: Start a new MATLAB session, and run the following code:
That should work. Now restart MATLAB and run the following code:
You should get the error.

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Meeshawn Marathe
Meeshawn Marathe on 19 Oct 2017
Edited: Meeshawn Marathe on 19 Oct 2017
It looks like the Linux distribution you are using may no longer be supported in MATLAB R2017b. Please go through this link for more information. You could either upgrade to a more recent version of your distribution or switch over to one of the supporters distributions. If you can't upgrade your OS currently, try using a more recent version of the '' library.
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Michael Jablecki
Michael Jablecki on 18 Dec 2019
Same problem on the supported RHEL / Centos 7 Platform and Matlab 2018a. Same fix worked. Ouch.

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