quat2eul conversion sequence

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Hi, I am having trouble with quat2eul. The default sequence 'ZYX' works and so does the ZYZ rotation but I keep getting an error when I try'XYZ'. Anyone had similar? Thanks, Jamie.
% Do quaternion->Euler conversion
euldata = zeros(length(quatdata), 3);
for i = 1:length(quatdata)
euldata(i,:) = quat2eul(quatdata(i,3:6),'XYZ');
%euldata = vtg_quat2eul(quatdata);
Error in quat2eul (line 35)
seq = robotics.internal.validation.validateEulerSequence(varargin{:});

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Robotics and Autonomous Systems Team
Hi Jamie,
The 'XYZ' sequence was recently added to Robotics System Toobox™ in the R2017b release. I am assuming you are viewing the documentation from the web, which correlates with the newest release.
You can type 'doc quat2eul' in your command window to verify what sequences are supported for your specific release.
If you have Aerospace Toolbox™, you could consider using quat2angle, which has supported many other sequences for some time.
Robotics Team
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Jamie Costello
Jamie Costello on 2 Nov 2017
You're right. I don't have the XYZ in my current version. Looking into quat2angle. Thanks for the help..

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