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Some figures not saving as vector graphics (.svg)

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Paul on 28 Oct 2017
Commented: TheStranger on 10 Apr 2020
I ran into a strange problem. I'm trying to save figures in vector format to process in Adobe Illustrator. I make numerous of these plots using one script and in many cases the output to vector graphics using the .svg format works fine. Some figures, made by the same script and apart from the specific datapoints indistinguishable from other figures, do not export as proper vector graphics. In those cases I can open the output .svg file in Illustrator but the image is basically flat; i.e. I can not isolate individual elements for editing.
I have attached two figures extracted at the exact point in the script where the data is added that causes it to not save properly. I plot datapoints on a trial-trial basis, adding data from one trial, then the data from the next trial etc. Until a particular trial I can save the figure as a proper vector graphic .svg file (attached as Fig1Vector.fig). When data from the next trial is added, the output .svg file only contains a flattened image (attached as Fig2NotVector.fig).
I've been looking for differences between the two figures but I have exhausted my ideas on what could be at cause. Do any of you have any idea what could be going wrong here or any suggestions to do a successful vector image export?
Thanks in advance.
Best, Paul


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Accepted Answer

Paul on 1 Nov 2017
I figured out what the problem was. After a certain maximum of elements in the picture, Matlab's auto-renderer setting switches from using the -painters renderer to the -opengl renderer. Manually forcing the -painters renderer restores proper vector graphics output.


mohammad vakilinejad
mohammad vakilinejad on 8 Nov 2017
Well, this helped me a lot in restoring vector format. But I'm facing another problem: All my dashed lines turn into straight lines after this setup.

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