How do you set the dimensions of an excel plot using activex from MATLAB?

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I have constructed a xyscatter plot in excel using activex from matlab code but cant figure out how to dimension it. Here is the code that I have:
Workbooks = Excel.Workbooks;
Workbook = Workbooks.Add;
Sheets = Excel.ActiveWorkBook.Sheets;
sheet1 = get(Sheets, 'Item', 1);
Activesheet = Excel.Activesheet;
Range = 'A1:B10';
Data(:,1) = 1:10';
Data(:,2) = Data(:,1).^2;
ActivesheetRange = get(Activesheet,'Range',Range);
set(ActivesheetRange, 'Value', Data);
Chart = invoke(Workbook.Charts,'Add');
Excel.ActiveChart.ChartType = 'xlXYScatterLinesNoMarkers';
invoke(Chart, 'SetSourceData', ActivesheetRange);
Chart.Location('xlLocationAsObject', 'Sheet1');

Accepted Answer

Scott on 26 Apr 2012
I found what works:
Excel.ActiveChart.Parent.Top = 50;
Excel.ActiveChart.Parent.Left = 500;
Excel.ActiveChart.Parent.Width = 600;
Excel.ActiveChart.Parent.Height = 300;
Thanks for your help.

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Richard de Garis
Richard de Garis on 26 Apr 2012
I'm going from memory here but for sizing, you might try:
Chart.ChartArea.Height = 100; % units are points, I think
Chart.ChartArea.Width = 100;
For positioning from the top left-hand corner of Cell A1, you might try:
Chart.ChartArea.Top = 100;
Chart.ChartArea.Left = 100;
If these don't work, it maybe because your Chart object is an Excel ChartObject that is the container for an Excel Chart object. I know, it's terribly confusing, but basically it means instead of using:
in the above, you need to use:
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Scott on 26 Apr 2012
I tried both but i get the following error:
Error: Object returned error code: 0x800A01A8
Error in junk1 (line 28)
Chart1.ChartArea.Height = 100;
I tried with both your suggestions and I get the same thing.
Any other suggestions or do you have an example? Thanks

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