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Iteration between GUI and Excel file

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Palumbo Piero
Palumbo Piero on 10 Nov 2017
Commented: Palumbo Piero on 11 Nov 2017
Hello everyone, I want to create a GUI that can find in a Excel file some values (numeric and alphanumeric) and give back these values. I am wonderig if it could be possible to do something like that. Thanks for your attention and for your coming advice.

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Yogananda Jeppu
Yogananda Jeppu on 11 Nov 2017
Try reading the excel file using xlsread, processing it in Matlab and use xlswrite to write back to excel file. The help is quite good.
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Palumbo Piero
Palumbo Piero on 11 Nov 2017
Thank you for your answer Mr Jeppu, but it's not properly what I need. I mean i would verify if in the Excel file there are some values that i have obtained by GUI and where they are in the Excel file. I hope to have been clear

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