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Where can I found (.dbc) file for Peak Systems CAN FD ?

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Hocine YAKOUBI on 14 Nov 2017
Answered: Botakoz Koshkarova on 21 Sep 2018
I need the (.dbc) database for Peak systems,where can I get it or how ? There is candb ++ (vector) to create it, but i dont now how ?
Can someone help ?
Thank you so much !

Answers (2)

Guillaume on 14 Nov 2017
You don't find a dbc file. A dbc file describes what the messages sent by your CAN network actually mean. If you're the creator of such a network, then you also create the dbc file. If you're connecting to an existing CAN network, then you need to ask whomever created that network for the corresponding dbc file. Each network will have a completely different dbc file, you can't use one designed for a different network.

Botakoz Koshkarova
Botakoz Koshkarova on 21 Sep 2018
Hi, do you know if it is possible to create DBC file using PCAN-Explorer?

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