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How to pass a string variable to a mex function

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I have this command: mex -I/home/user_1/includes
I would like to pass a string variable to a mex function like this:
mex -I/home/variable/includes
But the problem is that mex takes "variable" instead of the value of variable (user_1).
How can I do that?
Thanks a lot.
Adam on 22 Nov 2017
Edited: Adam on 22 Nov 2017
mex does have a function form as well as command form, but for some reason this doesn't appear to be documented in the help so I have also had difficulties understanding how to convert command form into function form for doing something like this. I assume it is possible.
e.g. without flags you can just do:
mex( 'myfile.cpp' )
so I assume you can pass some kind of property, value pairs to this too which would allow a dynamic string.
mex( 'myfile.cpp', '-g' )
works, for example, so maybe you can do the same for -I and pass your folder name as the following argument.
I don't really have a test case handy to try out myself.

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