Check gpuArray double or single?

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covariant_cat on 27 Nov 2017
Commented: Steven Lord on 27 Nov 2017
I'm pretty sure a gpuArray has a type (e.g., single or double). But i'm not sure how to check it. The function isa does not work for gpuArray.
A = gpuArray(single(1));
B = gpuArray(double(1));
You get both 0s.

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 27 Nov 2017
The isa function works fine, but it answers a different question than you want to be answered. Instead, ask your question using the classUnderlying function.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 27 Nov 2017
Right, classUnderlying came to my mind first and I forgot to check for a function that is to isa like classUnderlying is to class. Use isaUnderlying as Joss suggested.

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