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Find system is not able to find Function-Call Generators

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Vishnu Swaroop
Vishnu Swaroop on 30 Nov 2017
Answered: KVM on 30 Nov 2017
I am trying to find all function-call generators in the model using find_system and it is not working (returns an empty array). Here is my command:
find_system('<model name>','LookUnderMasks','all','FindAll','on','FollowLinks','on','Variants','AllVariants','BlockType','Function-Call Generator')
I have tried all combinations of the flags, but nothing works. I have looked at this page to find the keyword:
Also, find_system does work for other blocks

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KVM on 30 Nov 2017
You can use the Model explorer to find all the parameters associated to the block or you can use the command line (where gcb = your selected block) : >> get_param(gcb,'ObjectParameters')
I decided to use 'ReferenceBlock' as parameter for the search which for a Function Call generator is : 'simulink/Ports & Subsystems/Function-Call Generator'
In Sum, try this commande line: >>find_system(bdroot,'LookUnderMasks','all','FindAll','on','FollowLinks','on','Variants','AllVariants','ReferenceBlock',['simulink/Ports &',char(13),'Subsystems/Function-Call',char(13),'Generator'])
bdroot = Your top Simulink model ('<model name>')

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