what is wrong in my code trapezoidal rule

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%Aufgabe5 teil a Trapezregel function[A]=trapzregel(a,b,N)
dt=((b-a)/N )% dt=h= (b-a) ist die Trapezbreite x=a:dt:b; % Schritte f=@(x){10*sin(x)./x}; %gegebene Funktion %a,b sind die Integrationsgrenzen %plot(fx,'r') % N ist die Zahl der Intervallen A=0; for(n=1:1:N)
A=A+{dt/2}*{f(a)+f(a+dt)} a=a+dt;
Hallo i need some help for my Cod , i write it to learn how to use the trapezoidal rule, but i become a failled , and i don t know how to solve it. Can somebody help me ? Thank you. Elisé
|Undefined operator '+' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in trapzregel (line 15) A=A+{dt/2}*{f(a)+f(a+dt)}|

Accepted Answer

Christoph F.
Christoph F. on 18 Dec 2017
Edited: Christoph F. on 18 Dec 2017
Curly brackets {} have a special meaning in MatLAB syntax (usually when you want to work with the cell datatype).
If you did not intend to work with cells or don't know what this means, use regular brackets () instead.

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