removing element from all arrays in cell array of 1-dimensional arrays

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I have a cell array out = cell(n,1), and each out{j}, 1<= j <= n, is a vector of integers. These vectors have different lengths. How can I efficiently remove an integer k from all vectors containing k?

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 4 May 2012
newout = cellfun(@(x)setdiff(x,k),out,'un',0);

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Jan on 4 May 2012
for i = 1:n
v = out{i};
out{i} = v(v ~= k);
I assume 1. that a smarter cellfun approach is slower and 2. that spending more time for programming a faster solution (if there is any) will not pay off, except that this function is called trillions of times.
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Kees Roos
Kees Roos on 4 May 2012
Thanks! Your remark on cellfun turns out to be true. But in my case, where n=1000, the for loop takes also too much time. I was hoping for a 'vectorized' solution.

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