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coder.extrinsic error

Asked by Abhishek Ballaney on 2 Jan 2018
Latest activity Answered by Nick Sarnie on 4 Jan 2018
When we're putting coder.extrinsic function call, in our state in the stateflow chart, we're getting following error:
Unresolved function 'coder.extrinsic' in state
If we put the call in MATLAB command line its working fine. Please help in resolving this.


We're using now coder.ceval and getting the unresolved function error. Using R2011b

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1 Answer

Answer by Nick Sarnie on 4 Jan 2018

Hi Abhishek,
In R2011b, I recommend creating a MATLAB Function block inside the chart, moving any "coder" calls inside it, and calling that MATLAB function from within a state or junction.
You can find an example of using "coder" calls in a MATLAB Function block inside Stateflow here:


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