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Error Using ^ When Typing Power Command

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Duong Nguyen
Duong Nguyen on 17 Jan 2018
Commented: Duong Nguyen on 17 Jan 2018
I want to plot a graph of y versus t with:
>> t = linspace(0,10,20);
>> y = 1/(t*(3/10^(8*8)*10^(3/2))/2 + 1)^(2/3);
But when I finished writing the second line, the error appeared: Error using ^ One argument must be a square matrix and the other must be a scalar. Use POWER (.^) for elementwise power. So how can I solve this problem?
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Stephen on 17 Jan 2018
Why not do EXACTLY what the error message advises you to do?
Read this to know the difference between ^ and .^:

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Elias Gule
Elias Gule on 17 Jan 2018
Let's say for example you have the vector:
t = 1 : 10;
This is basically a 1-by-10 matrix. So,
tries to perform the matrix multiplication operation; but t is 1x10, hence the inner dimensions of t*t are not the same. That is why you get an error.
Now if what you actually want is an array of squares of elements of t, then
is the what you must use. So you equation should be :
y = 1./(t*(3/10^(8*8)*10^(3/2))/2 + 1).^(2/3);
Note: ./, .* and .^ are element-wise operators.
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Duong Nguyen
Duong Nguyen on 17 Jan 2018
Thank you for your explanation. I have just studied MATLAB for a week so I do not understand it fully. It is a really helpful comment.

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