App Designer keeps adding multiple Instances of EditFields with the same name on startup

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Fabian on 20 Jan 2018
Commented: Arnaud Dieudonné on 20 Feb 2022
Hello Everyone!
I am having a strange problem with the app designer right now:
Every time I start the app designer and load the .mlapp-File of the Project I'm currently working on, there are multiple instances of the same EditField created. It began with only one copy of an EditField I manually added on the GUI. I didn't think much about it and simply deleted the second instance. But it seems like this problem has grown exponentially with every start of app designer. Now, when I open up my Project 500 (!!) EditFields with the same name are created! 'Simply' deleting all of them is obviously not anymore an acceptable workaround - especially since 'ctrl+a' doesn't work in the Component Browser and you have to selected them all manually...
I have no idea why the app designer creates these multiple instances on the startup - after I deleted all multiple instances, they also didn't appear in the non-editable Function 'createComponents(app)' anymore.
Does anyone of you have an idea on that? Where in my code could be a bug causing this phenomenon? Or could this be an appdesigner-internal bug? The project itself is already quite big with ~260 components even without those multiple and unwanted EditFields...
I'm desperately looking for your help! Thanks a lot in advance.

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Answers (1)

Yemi  Ajayi
Yemi Ajayi on 30 Sep 2020
I'm going to put this here in case this does help anyone else who has run into this issue as I did yesterday.
The only thing I discovered that worked was to delete ALL current instances of EditField in my component browser (luckily there were only 4 duplicates), AND delete any callbacks, functions, etc that references that EditField from the code browser. Save. Close.
On the next launch, another single copy of the same EditField showed up and I deleted that. Save. Close. This seemed to solve the issue on my next launch as no more copies showed up.
Honestly, I am very wary of using EditFields now due to this. I'm actually very sure that I only dragged one copy of it initially into my app design.
Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

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