What is causing this error Undefined function or variable 'boolean'.

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Izz Epicness
Izz Epicness on 22 Jan 2018
Commented: Star Strider on 22 Jan 2018
So basically my code was working fine for the longest time, then when I installed MATLAB r2017b on my home computer one of the functions in my script gives the following error: Undefined function or variable 'boolean'.
I am going to assume this is somethign to do with versions because it works on r2015b. Is there a fix for this?
Also the line it is referencing is: include_endpoints = boolean(include_endpoints);

Answers (1)

Guillaume on 22 Jan 2018
The error message is clear. Your code use boolean (which could be a function or a variable) but it does not exists. There could be many reason for that which we can only guess at without seeing the code.
One possibility: in R2015b, you have added the folder which contains boolean.m to the path whereas you haven't done so in R2017b.
what does
which boolean -all
says in each version?

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