uisetcolor dialog box may appears partially outside the screen. How to fix this?

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Luc Masset
Luc Masset on 24 Jan 2018
Commented: Jan on 24 Jan 2018
In fact it appears where you click. If you create a button with 'uisetcolor' as callback, the dialog box appears near the button. And if the button is near the screen borders, the dialog box is not displayed entirely, making it sometimes impossible to move!
Adam on 24 Jan 2018
As I mentioned, it may be different for that new colour picker, which I rejected. I created my own colour picker in the end, but I still find it useful to have uisetcolor sometimes which is why I set it to use the old version. It is a hidden preference in code rather than a visible one, as described in a comment to the answer in the linked thread.

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Answers (1)

Jan on 24 Jan 2018
Edited: Jan on 24 Jan 2018
Not a direct solution of your problem, but maybe it helps to use one of the alternative color choosers: https://undocumentedmatlab.com/blog/color-selection-components
cc = javax.swing.JColorChooser;
[jColorChooser,container] = javacomponent(cc,[1,1,450,325],gcf);
cp = com.mathworks.beans.editors.ColorPicker;
[jColorPicker,container] = javacomponent(cp,[1,1,400,200],gcf);
options = 0;
icon = 0;
cp = com.mathworks.mlwidgets.graphics.ColorPicker(options,icon,'');
[jColorPicker,hContainer] = javacomponent(cp,[10,220,30,20],gcf);
Jan on 24 Jan 2018
@Luc: Did you write a bug report to MathWorks already? Usually bugs are fixed with new versions and maybe the code of R2018a is not closed yet.

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