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how to plot a continuous graph in a loop

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Sukhversha Luthra
Sukhversha Luthra on 29 Jan 2018
Commented: Sukhversha Luthra on 30 Jan 2018
for k=1:10;
hold on;
This program gives me a dotted graph.
however I wanted to get a regular(continuous) graph.
Please help me to find suitable command for that.

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Morteza Hajitabar Firuzjaei
you can make your vectors and plot your graph, like:
s = [1 1 1 1];
t = [2 4 5 3];
G = graph(s,t);
Mortrza Hajitabar Firuzjaei
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Sukhversha Luthra
Sukhversha Luthra on 30 Jan 2018
but I need to get a graph for a loop in which k is known but 'y', that depends on 'k', gets its values in the loop itself

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 29 Jan 2018
Try this:
kv = 1:10;
for k=1:length(kv)
y(k) = 2*x-5*k*k*k;
plot(kv, y)

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