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Converting a fraction into a floating number

Asked by Samuel Généreux on 30 Jan 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 30 Jan 2018
Hi, I want to simply convert a fraction into a float. When I checked with the help, it seems really simple. To convert 2/5 into a float, it seems like I just need to type float(2/5). But, when I do that, I have for response :Error using float (line 46) The input argument to float was not a supported type. The only recognized input character vectors are 'single' and 'double'. The input type was 'double'. Can someone explain me that?


No. The examples given by Samuel are NOT consistent with the use of float as it is seen in the Simulink docs. However, they ARE consistent with the examples shown in the MuPAD documentation. That is why I talked about MuPAD. In fact, if I read the examples shown for the MuPAD float, we find very coincidentally these examples:
float(17), float(PI/7 + I/4), float(4^(1/3) + sin(7))
As copied directly out of this link:
John, you said that there is no MATLAB function called float, but there is a function by that name. It does not happen to be the function that the user wants, but some function with that name exists.

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1 Answer

Answer by John D'Errico
on 30 Jan 2018

No. There is no need to use float.
x = 2/5
x =
whos x
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
x 1x1 8 double
x is automatically a floating point number, of class double.

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