Secondary click using two fingers on Mac Trackpad

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I am having trouble using the secondary click (right click) on MATLAB. In macOS there is a gesture to activate this command which is a click with two fingers on the trackpad. It works everywhere but MATLAB cannot recognise it correctly. Any suggestion?

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Prajith Chilummula
Prajith Chilummula on 21 Feb 2018
It is a known bug and it is being considered for a fix. You can follow below workarounds:
1)Use Control + Click instead of a two finger click or tap.
2)Use a mouse instead of the trackpad.
3)Reconfigure the trackpad's secondary click to use "Click in bottom left/right corner" instead of "Click or tap with two fingers". To do this:
  • Go to Apple menu > System Preferences...
  • Click Trackpad
  • Under Secondary click, choose an option other than "Click or tap with two fingers"


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